Monday, 4 February 2013

Galt's Gulch Chile, Randian Utopia?

I've called charter cities "the ultimate gated community," and it turns out that characterization wroks well as a marketing strategy designed to appeal to Randians with visions of state-free utopias dancing in their heads:
With the oppression of the over regulated, over taxed, war riddled and welfare riddled society consuming the world, Ayn Rand's famous protagonist character, John Galt, came to conclude that he would not use his talents to support such a society any longer...driving him to create a community where scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs and many others would come together to escape from the confines of their daily lives to not only be free...but to thrive.  
In today's world, it is becoming more and more difficult to find true freedom from very much the same oppressive forces Ayn Rand wrote of...which drove John Galt and others to a place where they found their freedom, success and peace of mind. 
But you can find yourself in just such a utopia for a modest investment:
Residential lots at Galt's Gulch Chile will be offered at much more affordable price points than one would expect for a community of this caliber. In the initial phase of the project, which is over 4,200 acres, lot sizes will range from 1.25 acres up to over 10 acres, within the separate neighborhoods of the master planned community, which is projected to have well over 1,000 lots on over 10,000 acres at build out. 
I have no idea what price point to expect from a community of that caliber.  Doesn't it depend on the height of the retaining wall built to keep the bands of roaming marauders out of my libertarian paradise?

Pictured: libertarian paradise
See that? No walls.  Also: no pesky roads, schools, hospitals, police stations, firehouses, courts, legislative bodies, telecommunications equipment, etc. But wait, here's another image:

These walls appear inadequate to protect paradise.
Galt's Gulch does have a facebook page...good thing facebook is still "free"!  But ...what is this?
The lots, roads, lakes and community amenities of Galt's Gulch Chile are currently being laid out by the architecture and engineering team. The on-site sales office is being retrofitted with solar panels and upgraded a bit inside and out, with a proposed opening sometime in March. Our Santiago office should be open sometime in the next two weeks as well. We look forward to getting in contact with everyone and meeting you down in Chile!
and, from their website:
Galt's Gulch Chile is slated to have all of the world-class amenities ...including a championship-caliber golf course, community clubhouses, tennis facilities, spa and fitness centers, hiking trails, horse facilities and trails, vineyards, underground storage facilities, downtown main street shopping, farmer's market, 24-hour guard-gated security and many others.  
Since there will be no imposing of onerous regulations or taxes here in Galt's Gulch, these items will obviously have to be priced into those "much more affordable price points than one would expect for a community of this caliber." But at least you won't have to use your talents to support a society. Your benevolent dictator GALT'S GULCH TRUSTEE LIMITED in Menlo Park, CA will contract you right out of all that messiness. Right? ....or, perhaps not.

Will this be like Independence, USA, "an entire city, developed around patterns?"

Actually, it does sound a little alike:

Galt's Gulch Chile is being designed to be a fully self-sustaining community, affording those who live there an abundant and unending supply of fresh drinking water from the natural springs located throughout the mountains and valleys of the community, clean and renewable energy from hydroelectric and solar power generation, organic fish from the scenic manmade lakes...and a plethora of organic fruits, vegetables and nuts, born from the fertile soil and the ideal year round climate of the region. 

Well then! Oh, how I yearn to sign up for more information on Galt's Gulch, if only it wouldn't mean being inundated with advertising from some trustee company in California trying to prey on my basic mistrust of government.

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