Tuesday, 13 March 2012

News from the tax transparency movement

Richard Murphy links to this review of an international tax conference hosted by the Oxford Centre on Business Taxation, in which the author quotes Lord Hollick, a businessman and influential member of the UK House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee:
"In a world of globalisation, how do single countries hold corporations to account? . . . It's hard to work out how much tax is paid where.  The disclosure regime does not get to the heart of the issue.  We need full disclosure. ... Having been an executive of a large corporation, I would be happy to do this. Companies should pay a fiar rate of tax.  We should move vigorously towards the path of transparency."
Murphy adds: "good for Lord Hollick. You can't keep a good idea down and country-by-country reporting is an idea whose time has come."

I've been working on a chapter about the rise of the tax transparency movement and its connection to economic development, will post a link to a draft soon.

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